Legislative Update


LFEA Members:
 We are at the halfway point of the 2019 legislative session, and I’m happy to report that our hard work from 2017 to the present has paid off. Along with LED & MPAA, we have worked swiftly and decisively this session to ensure that the few bills filed that referenced film had no viable path forward.

So it is with great optimism and confidence we can report that our industry will likely remain unharmed. Now, there is always an outside chance that a rogue amendment might find its way onto a bill through the process, so we will continue to stand on guard with you in case that happens. We appreciate the support and commitment of our elected leaders who support a strong film program in our state. We greatly appreciate your support and readiness to act at all times!

With your help we have created a robust and enviable program that balances fiscal responsibility with competitiveness. Our program supports over 7,500 jobs with $325 million in earnings for Louisiana residents. And for every credit that is certified, an additional $6.29 in sales for local businesses and $2.20 in wages to residents flow into our economy. 

Our program will also reinvest 2% of total certified credits back into our residents, local filmmakers & educational institutions across the state. Hopefully, this will help cultivate and support more stories like 17-year-old New Orleanian Phillip Youmans, who walked away with top honors at this years Tribeca Film Festival. These are the positive impacts our industry time and time again has on our residents.

There are 18 productions that are setting up or currently shooting across our state. The locations outside New Orleans include Baton Rouge, Hammond, Lafayette, Ponchatoula, and others. We continue to inform and educate local and state officials about the benefits we gain where productions take place. This was key in our 2017 efforts and will be just as critical going forward.

Why? This fall we will see over a third of our legislative body turn over and see our Governor run for re-election. This means it's time to tell our stories. It's time to let those candidates know how important film is to you, your family, and Louisiana’s growing diverse economy. LFEA and our partners will be working to educate the new class when they come in and will lean heavily on you to assist us when the time comes. 

Thank you for continuing to fight for film. I will be in touch if any curveballs arise in the last month of the legislative session and if additional support is needed.

Trey Burvant
LFEA President