Special Session Thank You


Dear LFEA members and supporters of the Louisiana film industry:
I want to thank you for reaching out to your legislators during the most recent Special Session of the Louisiana Legislature, which ended this past Monday. Your efforts to contact legislators on bills that could have potentially caused damage to our industry was swift, powerful, and effective. Your voice made a difference! 
Because there was no agreement on budget issues during this most recent special session, there will likely be a third special session called in the coming weeks. We expect this session will be more targeted to specific issues and less broad in scope than the previous session. That is good news for our industry. Regardless, we will closely monitor how this develops and alert you and industry partners on all things film!
Thank you for helping us speak with one unified voice and for serving as ambassadors for the great cultural and economic impacts that this industry brings for all of Louisiana! 
Trey Burvant
LFEA President