The LFEA lobbies the Louisiana State Legislature on behalf of the local film and entertainment industries. LFEA also regularly monitors rule promulgation for non-statutory changes. The association represents a unified voice for industry professionals and businesses, and pushes the legislature to create a stable environment for so the industry may continue to grow and thrive.

Most recently, LFEA diligently worked with Governor Edwards, Lt. Governor Nungesser, the Legislature, and regulatory officials to ensure that our program is strong and that it continues to create quality jobs for the people of Louisiana. We continue to strive toward our mission of growing the film and entertainment industry in the state of Louisiana, to protect the jobs that have been created over the past 15 years, and to ensure the state makes a long-term commitment to the industry.
In the past, LFEA has successfully lobbied the Louisiana legislature to keep in place tax breaks which have played an integral role in the exponential growth of the entertainment industry. This action saved a potentially disastrous exodus of industries that have had substantial positive economic impact on the state and its citizens. The tax breaks have and will continue to bring millions of dollars into the Louisiana economy and thousands of jobs to Louisiana citizens.