The Governor Goes to LA


LFEA Members:
As you may have read, Governor Edwards just returned from Los Angeles, where he spent several days promoting Louisiana’s Motion Picture Program to the major studios and producers. At the Governor’s request, several LFEA Executive Board members and I participated in this trip. We were proud to stand alongside the governor at an evening function with studio executives, filmmakers, and vendors to celebrate and champion the success of Louisiana’s revamped film program. 
This trip was a culmination of our combined efforts and strong work over the past four years, as well as a visible symbol of the governor's commitment to bringing more productions to Louisiana and creating job opportunities for our residents. I cannot understate this commitment – it is real and he knows the economic benefits it creates for all of our residents. 
We have made great strides together as an organization, and I am proud of our Executive Board, the leadership they provided, and the execution they delivered while our boots were on the ground in Los Angeles. 
Our corporate sponsors have also played a large role in supporting the efforts of LFEA, and I would like to thank each of them personally. We’d love to bring your company on as a corporate sponsor as well, to help facilitate more events like these in the near future. 
And to all of our Sustaining Members, thank you for your support as well.  If you haven't already upgraded your General Membership to Sustaining, please consider doing so and help LFEA continue its work both at the Capitol and in the community. 
And as a reminder, even with the governor’s support, we are less than eight months away from the next legislative session and we must be prepared. Your help in doing so as a sustaining member will be critical to do just that.
Trey Burvant
LFEA President  

LFEA President Trey Burvant had the opportunity to introduce Governor John Bel Edwards to Los Angeles studio executives, filmmakers, and vendors at the Sunset Marquis. 

The LFEA Executive Committee helped foster relationships between Los Angeles movie executives and Governor John Bel Edwards.